"Our solution is peaceful and its effective... If we don't make this change, I don't see how it can remain peaceful."

"Sheriff Mack Blows The Whistle On The Pandemic Of Corruption In America...And What We The People Can Do About It!"

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Sheriff Mike Carpinelli
Lewis County, New York

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  • 6 weeks of online classes, which means you can join from anywhere in the country
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  • ​Get Sheriff Mack's books (physical and digital copies) so you have more knowledge to help restore Liberty!
  • ​True knowledge of the Constitution, which means you will know your rights and how to protect them 
  • ​Access to an online community of other members of the class, so you can connect with other like minded Patriots and help each other restore Liberty across this country! 
  • ​Scripts and templates on what to say when talking to your local Sheriff, which will make it easier for you to creat a Liberty in your local area! 
And Much More!
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