Official Statement From Sheriff Mack & The CSPOA On The Pandemic
"In a free society, such as America was meant to be, masks cannot be forced upon the citizens." 
The position of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers  Association (CSPOA) is that there is indeed a pandemic, but it is not the Coronavirus; it's a pandemic of corruption and its 
epicenter is Washington D C. 

For the record, we have supported  the President's measured approach in promoting guidelines for 
the nation to follow, instead of issuing dictatorial orders as many  governors and mayors have done. 

The CSPOA disagreed with the forced lock down and the  suspension of our Constitution and God-given rights. 

In a free society, such as America was meant to be, masks cannot be forced upon the citizens either. 

Such orders have no place in America. 

What we eat, what we wear, where we go, and who we associate with is a personal choice. The efficacy of wearing a mask is irrelevant. 

The question is whether any government official has the authority to mandate and enforce such rules. 

Any attempt to do so is wrong, immoral, and unlawful. 

The CSPOA applauds the sheriffs and other public servants who  have refused to enforce mask mandates and who put freedom first and honor their oaths of allegiance to the Constitution. 

If government can force us to shut down our livelihoods, destroy the economy, and send us to jail if we fail to wear a mask; then is there anything at all that they could not do to us? 

Our stand is simply this; all of our rights all of the time, no  exceptions!
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